Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Snow in Scotland

Scotland - The best small snowy country in the world

Well - what a year this has been for snow - here is a photograph of the gardens in Princes Street in Edinburgh with snow in early December.

Usually we don't have a lot of snow in the capital and it usually doesn't lie for more than a day or so. However this year 2010 we have had great snow, great skiing and total chaos on the roads. The main motorway link from Edinburgh to Glasgow was closed for 2 days. The main roads north from Edinburgh have been closed for hours at a time over a 2 week period. Temperatures have fallen dramatically reaching a bone chilling -18c in Perthshire.

If you are coming to Edinburgh for the new year celebrations - bring some extra warm clothing. Last year we had a cold snap over the christmas holiday break. Perhaps it will be the same this year. So much for global warming!

However this ideal weather to take photographs for our range of Scottish Christmas cards for next year 2011 - see them at

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